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Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

The Winners of Singing Competitions Belonging to the Idol Series

Idol series, one of several television shows that give formerly unknown persons an opportunity to become stars. The Idol series began in the United Kingdom and has since spread around the world - Australia, Singapore, South Korean , Japanese, Canada, France, Germany, India, the United States, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, South Africa, West African countries, Indonesia, and many other countries.

The following is a list of the winners of singing competitions belonging to the Idol series - a television format that aims to discover the best singers throughout the country by conducting a series of nationwide auditions in which the television viewers voting determines the winner.
There are currently a half of 184 winners of the format, the first being Will Young of the United Kingdom and the most recent being Phillip Phillips from United States.

1.      Season 1, 2007 : Hady Mirza (Asian idol)

Hady Mirza (born January 28, 1980, age 32 years) is the champion of the second season of Singapore Idol. He was the second man who became the winner of Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah after being elected as the first winner of Singapore Idol. Hady started to like singing since age 8 years. Idol singer is John Legend, Robbie Williams, Babyface, Boyz II Men, Peter Cetera and Jamie Cullum.  He was also the winner of the world's first Asian Idol competition held on 16 December 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Asian Idol is a competition between six Idol winners from several different Asian countries, namely Singapore Idol, Malaysian Idol, Indonesian Idol, Indian Idol, Philippine Idol and Vietnam Idol.

2.      Season 1, 2003 : Guy Sebastian (Australian Idol)

Guy Theodore Sebastian (born October 26, 1981, age 30 years) is a pop singer, R & B, soul Australia Malaysia-born, and songwriter who was the first winner of Australian Idol in 2003. 8 years later since his victory in the arena of Australian Idol, not only became the most prolific winner, but Guy is also the winner of Australia's most famous Idol so far. And the appreciation and hard work in the recording industry in a range wkatu, the compilation album "TwentyTen" and artist Guy Himself is our highlight of April 2011.

3.      Season 1, 2008: Eric Moyo (Idols East Africa)

Eric Moyo (born 1982 in Zimbabwe) is a singer and the first ever winner of Idols East Africa a version of the Idol series. As part of the recording deal, Eric is also assured of US$25 000 in guaranteed album sales from the telecompany Celtel. He also won a 42-inch LG plasma television set.
Reports from South Africa where Moyo has been since last year say that the young man has been hard at work trying to come up with an album, but his efforts are just not of the quality his record company requires.Sources say Moyo has submitted plenty of material to his record company for use on his long-awaited album, but most of it has been regrettably sent back to him marked “not good enough”.
  Season 1, 2004-05 : Abhijeet Sawant (Indian Idol)

4.  Abhijeet Sawant is Indian singer who began his career as a winner of Indian Idol's first season and represented his country at the first Asian Idol held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Sawant who was born on October 7, 1981 it managed to win the Indian Idol contest I in 2004-2005 season, defeating his rival, who finished runner up, Amit Sana. He is a native people of Mumbai, India.  After winning the Sony Entertainment Television's show Indian Idol, Abhijeet Sawant has become a superstar in India. He has also released his first album 'Aapka Abhjeet Sawant', which has become very popular. Even the video of the song "Mohabbetein Lutaunga" is creating sensations.
5.      Season 1, 2004 : Joy Destiny Tobing (Indonesian Idol)

Joy Destiny Tiurma Tobing (born in Jakarta, March 20, 1980, age 32 years) was the first winner of Indonesian Idol. In the final round, Joy beating Delon Thamrin. Shortly after winning Idol, Joy and then decided his contract with Fremantle after the issue between the parties.

Mayré Andrea de los Ángeles Martínez Blanco (Born November 28, 1978 in Caracas, Venezuela), is a Latin pop singer, songwriter. She rose to popularity in Latin America after winning the first season of the reality show Latin American Idol. In her native country, Venezuela, she was a contestant in Radio Caracas Television's reality show Fama, Sudor y Lágrimas 2006, where she came in fifth place, because she decided to back out in order to join the cast of Latin American Idol. She's the oldest contestant ever to win Latin American Idol prior to being the first winner.  Martínez is a professional singer, singing teacher, and vocal coach.

7.      Season 1, 2004 : Jaclyn Victor (Malaysian Idol)

Jaclyn Joshua Thanaraj (born December 4, 1978, age 33 years) is the winner of Malaysian Idol season's first event. After his victory at the Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn or more familiarly called Jac was contracted by Sony BMG Entertainment. In 2004, auditioned for Malaysian Idol Jac and was elected as the first Malaysian Idol. After his victory at the Malaysian Idol, Jac right to represent his country in the international arena, the Asian Idol. She represented Malaysia in the first Asian Idol and Ikon Asean. She is also dubbed as Asia's Divette for her vocal prowess.

8.      Season 1, 2006 : Mau Marcelo (Philippine Idol)

Maureen "Mau" Flores Marcelo (born in Lucena, Philippines, May 13, 1980, age 32 years) or better known as the Mau Marcelo, is a Filipino singer. He was the first champion in the first season of Philippine Idol, and follow the event's first Asian Idol held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Early in his career began when he auditioned in Pasay City Philippine Idol, and finally elected the first Philippine Idol menadi. Not long ago, he was selected to represent his country under on the performance capabilities in the international arena, the Asian Idol. Which took place in Jakarta, Indonesia on 15-16 December 2007 along with five other finalists who won Idol dinegaranya respectively.

9.      Season 1, 2004 : Taufik Batisah (Singapore Idol)

Muhammad Taufik Bin Batisah who was born on December 10, 1981 is Singapore's first idol singing in the prestigious Singapore Idol. He is a man of mixed Bugis and India. He also had attended Boon Lay Primary School and Jurong Secondary School and continues to Singapore Polytechnic. Taufik is early musical career began with her ​​singing with a band called Bonafide. And earlier he had followed Singapore Idol is to introduce the band to the community, but he was elected as one of 12 finalists. Disember and on December 1, 2004, Singapore Idol Taufik was crowned as the first in the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
  Season 1, 2002 : Heinz Winckler (Idols-South Africa)
Heinz Carl Heinrich Winckler (born 22 March 1978) was the winner of the first series of South African Idols.  Born the eldest of three children in Stellenbosch, South Africa, he went on to study law at Stellenbosch University. After winning the Idols competition in June 2002, he discontinued his studies to devote time to a music career.
Idols was the South African version of the British Pop Idol show, and was presented as a talent search competition with successive elimination rounds narrowing the number of contestants. Throughout the show, Winckler was referred to as "Hunky Heinz" because of his good looks.

William Robert "Will" Young (born 20 January 1979) is a British singer-songwriter and actor[1] who came to prominence after winning the 2002 inaugural series of the British music contest Pop Idol, making him the first winner of the now-worldwide Idols-format franchise. His debut single, "Anything is Possible", was released two weeks after the show's finale and became the fastest-selling debut single in the United Kingdom.
Kelly Brianne Clarkson (born in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, 24 April 1982; age 30 years) is a singer and songwriter whose name the United States skyrocketed after becoming the first winner of American Idol's first season, and until 2006, he has released two albums . Kelly mengukuti audition show American Idol's first season in 2002. Kelly won the competition with 58% of the vote over Justin Guarini. In a career spanning a decade, Clarkson has Become the most Successful Idol Contestant around the world, with album sales of over 23 million singles worldwide and sales of over 36 million.

Phuong Vy (born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, August 27, 1987, age 24 years) who were born with the full name is Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Vy Vietnamese singer who earlier became the first Vietnam idol in the event of Vietnam Idol's first season. During the Vietnam Idol, he never entered into the third lowest voting. And finally he defeated Ngoc Anh on October 3, 2007 at the Grand Final with the acquisition of 53.44% voting for him. After his victory in the Vietnam Idol, he also represented his country at the Asian Idol, idol elections in Asia. Which took place on 15-16 December 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

1       Season 1, 2007 : Timi Dakolo (Idols West Africa)

Timi Dakolo (born in Ghana on January 20, 1981) is a Nigerian singer. Although he was born in Ghana, Dakolo did not claim dual citizenship and holds a Nigerian passport. He is the winner of the first season of Idols West Africa. He was declared the winner on May 26, 2007 at the home of Idols, Planet One. Dakolo began singing at the age of 12 years where he joined as a singer in his church. The show was televised the next day. He beat out runner-up, Omawumi Megbele getting 63% of the votes. With his victory, he took home many prizes Including a recording contract with Sony BMG.

1    Season 1, 2003 : Kurt Nilsen (World Idol)

Kurt Nilsen (born 29 September 1978) is a singer and songwriter from Norway. He won the Norwegian version of Pop Idol's first season in 2003, as well as winning the World Idol next year. Nilsen became the lead singer in the Norwegian Band "Fenrik Lane". He is a musician who plays guitar left-handed and with the strings upside down. She appeared and won Pop Idol in 54% of the votes against Gaute Ormåsen.

Minggu, 10 Juni 2012


Bayu          : Bass,Vokal
DIMAS        : Gitar,Back. Vokal
Dendy        : Keyboard,Shynt.
Fajar          : Drum set

Awalnya adalah side project dari Dimas dan Fajar (Salsaphobia band),Bayu (justkidd band) dan Tian (Eden).
Berawal dari sebuah Jam session di sebuah acara musik indie sebuah Cafe diJogja.
Akhirnya mereka sepakat membentuk sebuah band yang berdiri tanggal 19 Januari 2012.
Mengusung Teenage Pop,Power pop,Pop Punk yang sedang di gandrungi para remaja.

Dalam perjalanan singkat ini,super sandwich telah mengeluarkan dua
single yang berjudul "Bedakan Aku Dengan Sahabatmu/B.A.D.S." dan "Pergi".

Sejak kemunculan pertama,susan mendapat kepercayaan untuk mengisi berbagai acara yaitu;
-Cekidot bulletin anniversay #2
-Pure Indonesia @Hugos cafe Jogja
-100% Indonesia @Calipso Purawisata
-Locally Session @ Boshe VVIP Club Jogja
-JogjaMusicNation Jogja tv
-Sound Of Minority @Purawsata
-Pameran Otomotif @Pyramid Cafe Jogja
-IMMC Goes To Klaten @Linchak Cafe Klaten
-wednesday indie accoustic/WAMMPA @Ambarukmo Plaza Jogja dll..
Terakhir,video-video live perform. Super sandwich di muat di
international music magazine NME

cp: 085643039588 (Dimas)

Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

Cajon, Musical Instruments Replacement of Drum

History of the Cajon.

A Cajon (Spanish pronunciation: [kaxon], "crate," "drawer," or "box") is a box-shaped percussion instrument from Peru, is played by slapping the front face (generally thin plywood) with the hand. Cajon is widely used Afro-Peruvian musical instrument most since the 18th century. 
Slaves of West and Central African origin in America, particularly Peru, which is considered as a source Cajon drum, even though the instrument is common in musical performances throughout the United States. In Cuba, the 20th-century song Cajon associated with Afro-Cuban drum / / dance style known as rumba, while in Peru it is associated with the genre of Afro-Peru. Cajon is most likely developed in coastal Peru at the beginning of the 19th century or before. Instrument which reached the height of popularity by 1850, and at the end of the 19th century Cajon players are experimenting with the instrument by bending some of the design boards at Cajon to change the pattern of the instrument of sound vibrations. 
Cajon is a percussion instrument played by clapping his hands to the front surface of the tool. Cajon has a lot of sweet spot, able to produce sound diataranya snare, bass drum, hihat rimclik and sound. In the present, Cajon is perfect accompaniment played acoustic instruments. The form is simple and easy to carry making the instrument very popular drum replacement. Cajon also be modified and how to play can also be more varied. Like the drum, Cajon also be equipped with a pedal. The use and modification of this instrument is also not free from the needs and demands of musical innovation.

How to Make a Cajon ?

Basic box constructed of 1/2 "mahogany plywood for the sides, rear, top, and bottom, and 1/4" mahogany plywood for the front. Size 13 "x 19" with sides sitting on the board. Front and rear covers the widest and highest dimension. Cut a 4 "hole in the back. Once the fruit is cut and fit, apply wood glue and clamp the side, rear, top and bottom together. Round all sides except the bottom by hand or with a router. A set of guitar making guitar string tensioning A and D is easy. Pairs of keys so that they almost touch the back of the first key in about 8 "from the top.

Glue first flush "x 1" piece of wood with the front rail. Drill hole near the top and sides for a guitar string. Starting 3 "from the side and space 1" apart on top. Drill holes into the side of the line with a key spacing.
The left is the back of the lock in place. Above is the top. Right-string guitar. Use the buttons to the tension and "tune" the strings. The strings make direct contact with the front. A little experimentation will give you the sound you are looking for. Under the string on the left shows. Notice they also increase the side effects associated with the snare. Below are the Cajon finished with brass screws spaced 2 ". Top left without screws. Cajon with wood stain finish. With the loss of a little brass screws, string tension can be altered to provide a different snare sound.

Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Bermain angklung sebagai apresiasi kepada kebudayaan Indonesia untuk dunia.

Angklung adalah alat musik multitonal (bernada ganda) yang secara tradisional berkembang dalam masyarakat berbahasa Sunda diPulau Jawa bagian barat. Alat musik ini dibuat dari bambu, dibunyikan dengan cara digoyangkan (bunyi disebabkan oleh benturan badan pipa bambu) sehingga menghasilkan bunyi yang bergetar dalam susunan nada 2, 3, sampai 4 nada dalam setiap ukuran, baik besar maupun kecil. Angklung terdaftar sebagai Karya Agung Warisan Budaya Lisan dan Nonbendawi Manusia dari UNESCO sejak November 2010.

Berita angklung untuk kita :

1.    1.  Permainan angklung akan dicatat sebagai rekor dunia oleh Museum Rekor Dunia Indonesia (MURI). Sebanyak 600 orang warga Indonesia yang menumpang kapal pesiar terbesar keempat di dunia "Voyagers of the Seas" akan memainkan angklung saat berada di perbatasan laut Malaysia dan Thailand pada hari Jumat (1/6).  Kapal Pesiar "Voyagers of the Seas" merupakan kapal pesiar terbesar keempat di dunia dengan rute Singapura-Malaysia-Thailand, dan memiliki 15 lantai. (R021)

      2.  New York (ANTARA News) - Indonesia berhasil menggalang pembuatan rekor dunia "Guinness World Records" permainan angklung dengan peserta multibangsa terbanyak setelah lebih dari 5.000 orang mampu memainkan lagu "We Are the World" di Washington DC, Amerika Serikat, Sabtu petang (9/7).  Lagu ciptaan Michael Jackson dan Lionel Richie itu berhasil dimainkan para peserta di bawah panduan yang diberikan oleh Daeng Udjo dari Saung Angklung "Udjo" di Bandung, Jawa Barat. Pencetakan rekor dunia itu berlangsung di taman National Mall-Washington Monument, yang lokasinya antara lain menghadap Capitol Hill (Gedung Kongres AS) serta berseberangan dengan Gedung Putih, yaitu kantor dan kediaman resmi Presiden AS.

      3.  REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BOGOR - Musik tradisional angklung yang dimainkan pemilik dan keluarga toko bahan bangunan mitra PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk, Ahad (27/5), dinyatakan memecahkan rekor dunia sebagai permainan angklung terbanyak yang di bimbing oleh pemimpin Saung Udjo, Daeng Udjo yang memandu langsung 8.000 keluarga pemilik toko bangunan itu.  Prestasi yang diukir atas prakarsa Indocement itu memecahkan permainan ensambel angklung, yang dimainkan 5.182 orang di National Mall Washington, DC, Amerika Serikat, pada Juli 2011.

Rabu, 09 Mei 2012

Indonesian Musician which Goes International

1.  Wisnu Witono Adhi

Probably not too many people who know his name. However, Brown has managed toenter the name of Indonesia with 5 big event in Norwegian Idol 2006. Tanggung2 not,he gets a chance to release his debut album with the single hits "Love Like That".

 2. Jessica Mauboy

Ever watch Indonesian Idol 2008? If yes, remember whether the guest stars Australian Idol runner up 2006? Yes, he is Jessica Mauboy. Jessica, who has a father who came from the island of Timor was able to bring inspiration for Australians because of his success can be brought from a simple life in Darwin a success inSydney. Most recently, he issued a singleterbarunya titled "Get 'Em Girls"collaborating with Snoop Dogg. His works can be seen diofficial website:

3. Chandra Satria

A soloist named Chandra Satria Indonesian musicians add to the long series thatcould end up a career to the neighboring countryNo half-hearted in his second album titled "Remember Who"Chandra found time to duet with diva Malaysia isalso popular in this country is Sheila MadjidThere, Chandra was interviewed bymany leading media such as TV3Astro AwaniDaily NewsNo registration,Malaysia envoy, Mango Magazine, O MagazineNews Strait Timestramp MillionOnlineAge of RadioHot FM, etc.

4.  Gunawan Muhammad (Gugun) Shelter Blues
Trio from JakartaGugun and the Blues Shelter has brought Indonesia to the Bluesmusic scene
internationally. Gugun proves that blues music is not confined to African AmericanmusiciansSo far Gugun  and The Blues Shelter
have played in MalaysiaSingaporeShanghai and the UKOn stage they are in Englandand the Blues Shelter Gugun play with big names such as Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart and The Killers.Their fifth album, titled Solid Ground released by Grooveyard Records, based inNew YorkUnited States.
Although music lovers may not know her homelandGugun quite known amonglovers of blues bass player John foreign Joint "Jono" Armstrong and drummerAditya "Bowie" Wibowo they had conquered the international musicAnd because of his talent incredible Gugun earned the nickname The Little Jimmy Hendrix.

5Daniel Sahuleka
Daniel Sahuleka (born in SemarangCentral JavaIndonesiaDecember 6, 1950, age 61 years) is a Dutch singer is bloody AmbonIndonesiaHe lives in Winterswijk.Dicuatkan singing talent by Rudy BennettDaniel is not much published album.Some of the songs are well known in Indonesiaamong othersYou Make My WorldSo Colorful which appeared in the early 1980s as one of the songs in the albumDaniel Sahuleka (1977) and "Do not Sleep Away The Nightwhich is a single albumwith the title the same in 1978Early in his career as a recording singerDanielshelter under the Polydor (Netherlands).Soul music lovers 80-90s era will not forget that song "Do not Sleep Away TheNightfrom Daniel SahulekaThe singer who had enjoyed his childhood inSemarang are choosing to go to Holland and pioneering music career there.
J Dira Sugandi
A Dira Sugandi name may not sound familiar in the ears of music lovers homeland,but not in the ears of jazz loversThis London native women often performing in concerts with jazz musicians of the worldOne was a British IncognitoIn fact, the producer of the famous IncognitoJean Paul Bluey Maunickis the one who guidedhis career Dira up as it is todayAnd soonDira will release his own album titled"Something About the Girlin the countryFirst album which was released in Londonand Tokyo are reportedly will contain 11 songs and two songs in English Indonesian (Indonesia We Love Harry Roesli creation and spin-Ku Jealous Rieka Roslan).
7. The S.I.G.I.T
The SIGIT karbitan not a band that simply rely on the element of luckThe career offriendship since they started attending junior high schoolProcess for the processthey went through until now The SIGIT widely regarded as one of the vanguard music groups of young people in the world of rock music Indonesia.
  The SIGIT or The Super insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent is an indie bandfrom Bandung who is often times a gig in neighboring countriesThe SIGIT whichwas formed in 1997 is a portrait of literate indie band technology by utilizing socialnetworking sites to introduce their songsThrough the virtual world they are finallyrecognized by one of the owners of the label in Australia who then offered the band to make the album version of THE SIGIT Australia.
8Agnes Monica

Agnes became a famous female singer in AsiaAgnes was awarded two years in a row over his appearance in the arena of Asia Song Festival in SeoulSouth Korea, in 2008 and 2009On his third albumSacredly Agnezious (2009)Agnes became involved as a producer and songwriterIn 2010he was appointed as one of the judges at talent show Indonesian IdolAgnes also became one of the host on the redcarpet pegelaran 2010 American Music Awards in Los AngelesUnited States.
Along with the boom to the top of the popularity of Agnesthe look and styleberbusananya become a trend among young peopleIn addition to commercial successAgnes is a singer with the most number of awards in IndonesiaHe has won dozens of trophies, including the ten Indonesia Music Awardseven PanasonicAwards and four MTV Indonesia Awards. In addition, Agnes was believed to be theanti-drug ambassador and the ambassador of the Asia MTV EXIT in combatinghuman trafficking.
9. Sandhy Sondoro

Sandhy shocked the first time internationally through his victory at an internationalfestival of young singers New Wave 2009LatviaSince then, the ability toincreasingly recognized internationallySandhy even had time to sing on stage withworld-class singer Toni Braxton and Gloria Estefan in the show "Dianne Warren and Friendsat the Palladium Theater HollywoodLos AngelesUnited States.

 Anggun C. Sasmi

Elegantthis 1974-born singer has released four albums internationallynamelySnow on the Sahara / Au nom de la luneChrysalis / Désirs contraires,Luminescence, and ElevationOne of the greatness of Anggun isalthough hebelonged to Francebut his work is never out of touch of the tradition of his ancestors in IndonesiaSome of his works also use the Indonesian language, andone project with a group Deep Forest song is "Deep Blue Sea" was also wearing a touch of rhythm with the backing vocal style Sunda Kecak dancers from BaliIndeedmany achievementsamong othersthe first single from the album "Snow on theSaharahas held the position of the Top 5 on the UK Club Charts in the UK (1999)and was selected as the promo song of the world of luxury watchesSwatchwas selected as an ambassador for the UN to Microcredit schemes (poverty alleviation programs around the world), etc.

11. Mocca

Indie music from the group consisting of Bandung Prayitno Riko (guitar), ArinaEphipania (vocals and flute), Ahmad Pratama (bass), and Indra Massad (drums)was never signed a contract with one of indie records in Japan, Excellent Records,to fill one song in the album is a compilation book rilisannya format set (3 sets), entitled "Pop Renaissance". There are 3 discs in circulation in Japan and the Velvet Underground on disc no. 2 with the song "Twist Me arround".
And, according to our readers in the first post:
"5 singles mocca already become advertising jingles in south korea .. Mocca has also been invited to maen in chocollateTV shows like oprah in south korea "-Jay
"This bandung Band album sold well in Japan and KoreaEven the recent news of anew single, so the soundtrack of a Korean drama .. "


Duo who was a husband and wifeJoseph Saryuf and Anindita, this was originallybrought the songs are slightly bossanova and indiepop smell that tends to easy listeningBut they make a format change with a very experimental album titledCuriouser And Curiousera wonderalbum that makes Alice in Wonderland as aninspiration.
The album has been re-released in Korea and Japan in 2009 and through the albumwas also Santamonica several times invited by music festivals abroad, and the most exciting is when they participate in the Melody of Life Festival 2008 Bangkokwhich is a prestigious festival as presents many alternative and independent artistsfrom different countries!
Andsays a reader in our first post:
".. Even one of the producers in Europe are very interested in their music .. "-Morts
See their MySpace
13White Shoes & The Couples Company

White Shoes & The Couples Company released the first studio album in 2005, titledthe same as the name of the bandThe album was released in two countries,namely in Indonesia in 2005 by the Records and the alphabet in the United States in 2007 by Minty Fresh!
Andsays a reader in our first post:
"They're some success in the U.S. .. maybe satu2nya Indie band Indonesia thatsuccessfully penetrate the market at the Sana today .. they had a tour in several cities, including at SXSW. Distribution of their first album in the USA dibawahi the same label with the Cardigans'

. Goodnight Electric

Goodnight Electric is a band from Indonesia who synthpop homage which was formed in 2003 in Jakarta by one of its personnel, Henry Irawan known by her stage name, Henry "Batman" Foundation. Goodnight Electric had won various music awards, as nominated for Best New Artist at MTV Indonesia Music Award 2005,Best Live Performing Artist at Paranoia Award Hard Rock FM Jakarta 2005.
At the end of 2005 a tender Goodnight Electric signed a contract with JTB Records,a Japanese record company to release "Love and Turbo Action (Green Album)"which was released and distributed in Japan in early 2006

And they've named the "5 Asian Acts To Watch in 2008" version of Time AsiaMagazine.

Superman is Dead

Superman is Dead which was originally named Superman Silvergun was established in Bali in 1995 by Bobby Kool (lead vocalsguitargraphic designer),Eka Rock (bass and backing vocalsand Jrx (drummer). In 2009, the SID to play atWarped Tour USA and amaze many listeners there. FYISID is the second Asianband that made ​​it into the Vans Warped Tour.

. BottleSmoker
Duo from Bandung was already subscribed to the various festivals and music events in AsiaCountries they have visited, among others, MalaysiaBruneiDarussalamChinaSingaporeFilipina. And in 2012Bottlesmoker add to the list of countries in Asia that have themexplore with their stage schedule in Thailand and VietnamTheir fans spread outfrom the mainland to mainland ChinaDuo who always share their music for free on the Internet is also released by some net labels in the United States and also in Eropa. Bottlesmoker tend to use the Internet to play music-the music to the public.And in January 2008Bottlesmoker get a contract with the net label from USA:"probablyworse" records and released their album"slow mo smile".
The album can be downloaded free / bottlesmoker
Dougy Mandagi

YesDougy MandagiHe is a native of Indonesia who became lead singer of rockband Temper Trap from MelbourneAustraliaHe has brought the band to play great music festivals abroad, such as Glastonbury in EnglandSummersonic in Japan,SXSW in AmericaReading Festival in England.


Slank has launched a trilingual album alias 3 languages ​​(English, Indonesia andJapan), the album Slank The Big Hip collaboration with Japanese band The BigHip.
Slank has even penetrated the land of Uncle SamYesin AmericaSlank released the first international album in 2009Album titled "Anthem for the Broken Heartwasreleased by Megaforce label from New YorkAnd apparentlythey are getting goodresponse on it!
Just look at some reviews about their international album here:
- Review by Guillermo
- Review by John Berkowitz
- Review by Jonathan Mariante

The Simple SampleGoodmorning Breakfast& Abend Bis Morgen
"The third band is still new and still young and not yet famous in IndonesiaThe average age was 18-24 yearsBut the band had entered the third International ChartTop Friend Vote on Site in March-April 2010.
Even the The Simple Sample and Breakfast GoodMorning invited to participate in the compilation Band2 International was initiated by Mercedes-Benz Germanyand is in the process of negotiationAlthough his performance is not too big likependahulu2nyabut I think all three can be said of this band Go International .. hehe"

"Homogenic is also famous in japan n in other Asian countries ..."


Children from bandung this metal have been gigging in Australia and became theopening of a metal band out of a fairly well knownthey had the contract by one of the major labels in Indonesiabut sekrarang already out.
New album is also marketed in the kangaroo country.

Shaggy Dog

This ska band from Jogja has ever gig
Dutch fans in their gossip in the Netherlands over fans in Indonesia.


In 2010, the name Indonesia fragrant music festival in one of the 'underground' in EuropeGrindcore band from IndonesiaNoxaflying the Red-White in obsceneExtreme Festival 2010Through music and poetrypoemsNoxa hypnotic music of the cult rock music festival in the world's largest grindcore.

In facta compilation CD titled obscene Extreme Festival 2010 Silence Sucks!dedicated to Noxa's first drummer, the late Robin Hutagaol.

After Robin's death, Noxa is now led by Tony on vocalsNyoman on bassAde on guitarand Alvin in the drumsRed and White Noxa action brought in theinternational world of rock music is not the first timeAt the end of June 2008Noxacraze at Tuska Metal Fest 2008, held in HelsinkiFinland. The concert is one of the biggest metal concert in homage to the Scandinavian region.